Girl Approaches Bassist On Street, Moments Later Duo Recreates Epic Version Of “Ode To Joy”


Often, on-lookers don’t even realize what is happening because the performers look like regular folks. Usually, one or two people start the performance and then more folks join in. The more performers there are, the more impressive it is to pull off.

I’ve seen flash mobs that sing and dance, but this video is something altogether different. When a young girl approaches a street performing cellist in Nuremberg, Germany, no one in the general public knew that it was the beginning of an epic performance. The duet itself is impressive, but then members of Germany’s Hans Sachs Choir and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nuremberg join in for this epic version of “Ode to Joy.”

It would be amazing to see either of these groups perform live, so passersby on the street were lucky to witness this wonderful treat. Fortunately, the video lets us enjoy it, as well.

Watch the beautiful performance below and please like and share!

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