‘To My Daughter’: Everyone With A Daughter Will Love This Song


One of the songs that I would personally suggest for a daddy-daughter dance is Charles Aznavour’s ‘To My Daughter.’ The song is literally what it sounds like—a message to a young woman from her father. The lyrics talk about how the little girl will one day turn into a young woman and be wise and smart; that the father’s daughter will find that someone special who will take her away forever. It highlights all the truths and emotions that a father feels when his baby girl is born and how things will beautifully transpire once she’s older.

Charles’ song is a wonderful tribute to the relationship between a father and his daughter, and once you hear it, it will probably bring back so many memories for every listener.

Click on the link below and listen to the song for yourself. If you enjoyed this tune, then don’t forget to like and share this song with family and friends!

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