People Around The World Are Falling In Love With These Cheerleading Grandmas!


The Sun City Poms have been delighting audiences since 1979 when their unique squad got their start cheering for a women’s softball team. The concept took off from there, and the locally famous group has recently found an even larger fan base by way of the internet. With all of the negativity out there, this team delivers positivity and spunk everywhere they go.

The members of the Sun City Poms range in age from 55 to 84. While the group’s focus is primarily on fun, staying fit, active, and confident, they are true cheerleaders and performers. They aren’t afraid to do the same moves as their younger counterparts. These ladies are determined and passionate cheerleaders and inspire everyone with their peppy, high-energy routines.

The Sun City Poms are the perfect example that age is nothing but a number and your life can be whatever you want it to be! Just because society thinks you should act one way doesn’t mean you have to. Be yourself and be confident, whether that means knitting and bingo or joining a cheer squad.

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