Son In College Never Calls Home, So Mom Posts Hilarious Video on Facebook, And Its Going Viral.


But in the video below, you’ll see a really comical act recorded by a mother whose son has gone off to college. It is four minutes of pure sarcasm and laughter that, any mother or child can relate to.

She puts on a giggle-worthy spectacle whereby she pretends as though her son has completely forgotten her as he has not seen or called her in a long time. One of her lines? “I haven’t heard from you in a while, and I thought maybe you forgot about me.”

Additionally, she adds in all the cool things she did for him throughout the years and the fact that he was literally stuck to her hip as a child! Now suddenly, he’s disappeared! The video is done in such a hilarious fashion that you can’t help but have a laugh or two!

Click on the link below and watch it for yourself! And if you have ever been in the same situation, as a mother or a child, be sure to share this funny video with those affected. It’ll surely bring a smile to their face.

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